walterEveryone knows that good customer service is important to business.  In Mesquite, we have the opportunity to provide not just good customer service but excellent customer service.  Going above and beyond expectations and adding the impact of a unique surprise will get you noticed and set your business apart.

Knowing what your customer wants, and providing it, is an essential element of excellent customer service.  By asking the right questions and being a good listener, your customer will tell you exactly how to improve your business.  This information is worth its weight in gold.

Creating an unexpected surprise sets your business apart and inspires people to naturally refer your business to others.  It’s all in the details and they matter to your customer.  A good example of a business going just a little above and beyond made such an impression on Chip R. Bell that he wrote about it in Entrepreneur Magazine; “I had breakfast at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg, Penn., before heading off for a keynote. The breakfast was as great as the service from the waitress Sandy. After bringing the check, she presented me with a complimentary go cup of coffee. But, it was her words that put the cherry on top: ‘This is our gift to you.’  Innovative service should be as simple as it is unexpected.”  Note that it wasn’t the breakfast or even the free coffee that impressed him the most.  It was the kind words of the waitress coupled with the element of surprise that prompted him to write about it in Entrepreneur Magazine.

There are businesses in Mesquite that create an instant reaction when their name is brought up.  What they sell, their store hours or great locations, are not even mentioned.  What is talked about is how great the owners are and that the people who work there are so nice.  Talk about a direct impact on their bottom line!

When customers walk through your door, a smile and a warm welcome that says, “You’re important to us and we’re glad you’re here” goes a long way.  Getting to know them by asking questions and listening can teach you more about customer service than many of the books you could read on the subject.  Delighting your customers by creating a unique surprise sets you apart.  Remember, an act of kindness leaves a bigger impact when it is unexpected.

We’ve heard it over and over again, “Mesquite has so much to offer.”  I agree and emphasize, “So do the local businesses.”  What if your good customer service changed to excellent customer service?  Your business may just become the business customers recommend and prefer to do business with, over ones outside of our area.   Remember, it’s your customers who pay your salary and keeps you in business, so invest your time by getting to know what they want and go over and above in customer service.