We thought it would be fun to survey local Mesquite residents to see who their favorite Super Bowl 50 team is and who they predict to win the game on Feb. 4. We got some surprising comments which we think you’ll enjoy, especially the person whose favorite team is the Carolina Broncos and the Denver Panthers as his predicted winner. Enjoy and get ready for the big day.

MPD Chief Troy Tanner:  Favorite team: Broncos; Predict to win: I want Denver Broncos because it’s more than likely Peyton Manning’s last year and their defense is looking pretty solid. Comments: Denver was one my dad’s favorite teams and has always been my oldest sons Colton’s team so I’m hoping Denver will pull the upset. I’m a Dolphins fan from the Dan Marino days.

Andre Carrier, Eureka COO: Favorite team: Though clearly given my New England roots I am a well-known Patriots fan.  I am very, very happy to share the wealth of attention and winning with other fans and other cities.  With that said my wife is from Denver and loves the Broncos so for that and other reasons I will be rooting for Denver. Predict to win: With my heart I predict the Broncos to win. Comments:  Peyton Manning has made a profound contribution to the game and has been fun to watch on and off the field.  It would be great to see him get another ring.

Kevin Brown, General Manager, VVWD: Favorite team: Denver Broncos; Predict to win: Carolina Panthers; Comments: Peyton Manning’s inability to throw the ball well, Denver’s lack of a running game, and Cam Newton’s magical year all add up to a Carolina win.

City Councilman George Rapson: Favorite team: Denver Broncos; Predict to win: Carolina Panthers; Comments: We will be suffering through Super Bowl 50 in Sayulita Mexico.  There is a distinct possibility that a Margarita may be involved.  Hoping for Denver but think Carolina may be the better team.

Greg Lee, Eureka CEO: Favorite team: I really hope the Broncos win the Super Bowl because Peyton Manning is a class act and deserves to go out on top. Predict to win: But if I’m a betting man, I go with the Panthers; Comments: I can’t forget the beating the Seahawks gave the Broncos two years ago, and the Panthers look like the new and improved version of that Seahawk team.  I pick Panthers by 14.

Aaron Baker, City of Mesquite Liaison Officer: Favorite team: Denver Broncos; Predict to win: Denver Broncos: Comments: Payton Manning.  Need I say more?

Assemblyman Chris Edwards (R-NV19): Favorite team: Fighting Irish of Notre Dame; Predicted to win: Denver Broncos; Comments: Since Notre Dame is not in the Super Bowl, I predict the team with the most (former) Notre Dame players will win.  That is the Denver Broncos.

Kash Christopher, Mesquite Fire Chief: Favorite Team: Neither are my favorite.  I’m a suffering 49ers fan who can’t wrap his head around WHY they fired Jim Harbaugh. Predict to win: Carolina by 17. Comments: This game will probably be the last time we see Peyton Manning play.  Love him or hate him, he has been a master behind center and one of the NFL’s greatest QB.  I would love to see him ride off into the sunset with a win.  However, Carolina is stacked on both offense and defense.  Cam Newton has the “It” factor and it will be too much for the Bronco’s to overcome!

Jeff Powell, Mesquite Chamber Marketing: Favorite Team: Being an AFC West guy that roots for the KC Chiefs I have to back the Broncos. AFC West all the way!! Predict to win: Based on last week’s games it sure looks like Carolina has the edge but I’m going with the underdog Broncos!! If the Broncos defense can hold Carolina’s offense and Peyton can move the offense Broncos will win!! Comments: Broncos have unfinished business from last year’s very poor showing in the Super Bowl. They beat the Patriots and will be hungry for a win. Peyton needs to win one more Super Bowl then he can retire going out on top!! Go Broncos, go Peyton Manning!!

Joan Dunkle, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue: Favorite Team: Denver Broncos. Predict to win: Denver Broncos. Comments: Fun.

John Gately, Captain and PIO for Mesquite Fire & Rescue: Favorite Team: Neither…Go Pats! Predict to win: Carolina Panthers. Comments: While I think it would be awesome for Peyton Manning to win the Super Bowl in what is likely his last go “Rodeo” I think Carolina is gonna blow them out.

Yoli Bell Mesquite Cancer HELP Society:  GO Broncos!  Based on their previous performance I believe the Broncos will win hands down.  Okay, as a poor gambler and super unlucky at winning, I really like the Denver Broncos, because I love winners, I love their name, plus I am a native Texan and a cowgirl at heart…. gitty up – love broncos!!

Helen Gerads, Mesquite Toes Member:  What a FUN idea! Favorite team: Panthers; Predict to win: Panthers; Comments: “These CATS don’t HORSE around when it comes to winning!”

Jean Wiensch, VVAA President: Favorite team: Red Wings; Predict to win: One of them; Comments: I hope it is a close game. There is nothing worse than watching a team get whomped.

Sandy Hughes, Mesquite Toes Member:  Favorite team: Carolina Panthers; Predict to win: Panthers; Comments: Have never liked the Broncos and Manning is getting too old to play.

Bunny Wiseman, GMAF President:  I know nothing about football so when challenged with choosing a team I fall back on choosing a state I have lived in. I have lived in North Carolina but not Colorado; therefore I will be rooting for Carolina. Perhaps not the best method but if the Panthers win, I will claim it is because I lived there for a couple of years. Fun Stuff.

Merri Erickson, Community Volunteer:  Favorite team: Denver; Predict to win: Denver Broncos; Comments: I have been faithful fan since inception.  It’s Peyton Manning’s turn. I usef to dye my hair orange during the orange crush days.

Linda Faas, Community Volunteer: Broncos are my favorites to win.

Glen Bjornson, VVTG Artistic Director: Favorite team: Carolina Broncos; Predict to win: Denver Panthers; Comments: I will eat just enough hot dogs!