Deral Jon HoustonMohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Deral Jon Houston, 54, of Scenic, early Thursday(7/24) morning for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon per domestic violence, felonies. 

Approximately 2:50 a.m., deputies responded to a shots fired call outside of a residence in the 600 block of Jacobs Well Lane.  Dispatch advised that the reporting party said that her father was chasing her and her boyfriend through the desert and her father fired shots at them.  A Mesquite Police Department Officer responded and assisted. 

Upon arrival, deputies contacted the victims in the area of Western Avenue and River View Drive.  The 32-year-old female victim said that her boyfriend was waiting for her in a dirt field nearby the residence.  The victim further said that Houston, her father, confronted her outside as she was leaving.  The victim advised that Houston started chasing her with a gun in his hand.  The victim further advised that Houston confronted her and her boyfriend in a wash when Houston pointed the gun at her boyfriend, a 35-year-old victim, and she jumped between them. 

The victim reported that she fell to the ground after Houston struck her in the head with the handgun.  The victim further reported that she and her boyfriend started running after Houston fired a shot.  Deputies observed swelling on the right side of the victims face.  The male victim was not injured. 

Deputies responded to Houston’s residence nearby.  Deputies conducted a high-risk contact with Houston as he was standing outside where he was taken into custody without incident.  Houston advised that he has an issue with his daughter and her boyfriend that started last year when they filed a false police report against him in Nevada. 

Houston said that he confronted his daughter and her boyfriend as they were leaving.  Houston further said that he fired a shot after he felt threated by them as they were swinging a stick or a pipe at him.  Houston was transported and booked into the Mesquite Jail.  The weapon was taken and placed in evidence pending the County Attorney’s Review.