People of all ages experience some type of illness at one time or another, and depending on that illness, comes prescriptions usually filled by the doctor or a variety of over the counter medicines which are suggested, but that isn’t always the cure. Through trying times of my own, no matter the prescription, there is truly nothing better than a good laugh. So is laughter really the best medicine? Maybe not for an overall cure… but it definitely helps are minds and bodies for that well-being feeling.

Laugh; to show mirth, or joy with a smile and chuckle with an explosive sound; also: to become amused or derisive. Laughter is the action or sound of laughing. Through many studies it has been proven to help relieve any burdens… like stress and tension, as it relaxes the body. It triggers the release of endorphins, which is our body’s feel-good chemical; thus decreasing stress hormones. It improves the functions of our heart, enabling our cardiovascular system to work better, increasing better blood flow.

Mental well-being is extremely important for everyone; while it helps in maintaining a positive attitude… making it difficult to be sad or angry, laughter plays a big part of our lives. Laughing with one another, whether in a social atmosphere or in relationships promote a certain bond, fostering an emotional connection with each other; letting go of criticisms and doubts… it is as if your body can begin healing itself from hurt or disappointments. Laughter can start in several ways; beginning with children. Some of us grew up among a happy atmosphere while others may not have, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to laugh more. Beginning with a smile, you may find yourself feeling a bit lighter when it comes to emotions, keeping you from troubled thoughts, releasing your inhibitions. All of us as infants laughed out loud, smiling, cooing and making others smile in the act, so-to-speak. So if you haven’t laughed in a while, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever laugh again, as it can be learned. It can also be contagious.

Finding ways to be around laughter is a great way to start. Television shows engaging in humorous acts, jokes, or reading the funnies are productive ways to get started. Then there are comedians; a person or entertainer (actor) specializing in the act of making others laugh. There is simply nothing that compares to watching someone who is hysterically funny. If you have never been to a comedy show… may I suggest giving it a try? To be surrounded by funny people or a crowd engaging in laughter is an uplifting experience; giving your body and mind added pleasure. It’s healthy and invigorating, while promoting more positivity in your life. It can change your thoughts in the way you perceive certain situations and… or behaviors of others, taking things less seriously. More laughter means less stress and better health; even if it is temporary, it is an emotional feel-good experience. So if life seems to be getting a bit stressful, or just getting you down lately, you must go and find a way to make yourself laugh… beginning with a smile. It is worth every belly ache you might get from laughing.

Make your week count.