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The student art reception on Thursday, May 22 was attended by about 200 parents, students, teachers, and community well-wishers who came to see the beautiful display of art completed in our local schools this year.  JL Bowler, Virgin Valley Elementary, Beaver Dam Elementary, VVHS, and Rancho High School of North Las Vegas participated this year, showing off their artwork that was completed with painstaking care.  The kids were jubilant as they showed off their work to proud parents.  It was a wonderful display of the fine work accomplished by these students.

Barbara Withelder recognized VVHS senior Ana Rivera and Beaver Dam HS senior Joe Sherman, who were awarded $1,000 scholarships to continue their college education in the arts.  The Virgin Valley Artists Association sponsors the annual Student Art Show as part of its community outreach program for the arts.  VVAA operates the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and VVAA pottery studio, located at 15 W Mesquite Boulevard, as well as offering art classes for all ages.