By AlixSandra Parness

Sitting at the feet of her grandmother, Mary Lou Kessler spent many hours learning the skill of embroidery.  It was an art form back in the day before electronics took over the airwaves.  Sitting there and listening to the radio stoked the imagination of a young girl and awakened the heart of an artist within her.

Living in the country and always encouraged by her family, she took correspondence courses from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Imagine the excitement of receiving those lessons and developing her own unique techniques as she gave them life.  Over the years Kessler’s vision for art took on many forms.  Like a master weaver, she is able to pull together combined media and colors into extraordinary designs.

Kessler is an accomplished artist and teacher, with remarkable talent.  She will display her wire art, iris-folding cards, folded teabag cards, jewelry and other pieces using the old-world art of quilling that came down from the Dutch.

These timeless art forms delight the eyes.  Kessler has also given classes on most of these art forms including pastels, acrylics and calligraphy.  Honoring those days with her grandmother, Kessler hand-paints then hand-embroiders greeting cards in addition to plying her other skills.

You don’t want to miss seeing Kessler’s wonderful talent displayed through her unique and remarkable artwork!  Her artwork will be on display at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery  through Dec. 29.  The Gallery’s hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.