Debra Beatty_1I am having an unwanted, unpleasant, unsolicited experience with a telephone number, no name. The number is a Nevada telephone number, I receive up to 15 calls a day from this red hot number that likes to bully. They wait until the phone is answered then they hang up! I GOTTCHA! There anonymity is their power. In reality they are the obese, snotty nose third grade boy who uses others to instill fear into the hearts of his smaller class mates.

I am quite sure that if I am being targeted other venerable senior citizens are also receiving these unwanted phone calls. Senior citizens are vulnerable due to their advancing physical age. Mentally seniors are easy prey.

Are you being inundated with telephoned calls from telemarketers and/or bored persons who amuse themselves playing with the telephone? You do not have to tolerate this. Put your name and phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Call your internet carrier and have blocks put on the numbers, if they do it. Call the police, yes call the police and report the number and or numbers that are driving you up the wall of insanity.

I am sharing this with the public in the hope that other abused seniors will rise up and join with me. We will not tolerate this abuse any longer. Stand up and knock them to the ground. It is our telephone number that they are abusing. They are mentally abusing us the senior citizens and we aren’t going to take it. The predators that receive there pleasure from activities that steal the peace of mind of others deserve no better.

Come out from behind the protection of the telephone and show your cowardly face and tell us why we should not prosecute you in a court of law.