July 26, 1917:  Military Draft completed Friday in Washington. DC. List of Clark County Men Drawn in the first 2000 numbers which will be called, from which the First Army of 687,000 will be selected. Some of the men from this area called to serve D.A. Abbott, Woodruff Perkins,  Milan Black, Harry Samuel Frehner, Joseph Raymond Pollock, Calvin Willard Leavitt,  Wallace Frehner. Chas. S Pulsipher, Harvey Sprague, Geo.Evan Lee, Wilford Fenton Cox, Zera Eugene Barnum, Marion Decatur Abbott, Ernest M. Sprague, Elmer Leavitt, Lemuel Leavitt, Lewis A. Woods.

July 27, 1922: Mr. Myron Edward Leavitt of Bunkerville, Nevada and Miss Estella Colby of Mendon UT were married here July 25 by Ellis J Pickett, JP.

July 27, 1918:    Mrs Dorothy Frehner is down visiting with her parents Mr and Mrs Wm E Abbott.

July 27, 1916:  The Primary Association (Children’s organisation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints) entertained the people on the 24th.They represented the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.. They rendered a very nice program of the saints early settlement of the area.

July 27, 1915:   We are having the most extreme hot weather we have had in years cloudy and sultry and have been for several days. (remember no ac back then)

July 31, 1915:  S.W. Darling of Bunkerville, came down (Las Vegas) to attend the meeting of the board of equalization Monday. The meeting was adjourned to to August 5th.