Debra Beatty_1A warning to senior citizens who have Medicare Insurance, there are changes coming for Medicare Insurance. One of the new rules is the Two Midnight Rule. Read and become knowledgeable because this one hits you the citizens in the pocket book.

First become familiar with the terms inpatient and outpatient. An inpatient is a person who is admitted into the hospital and treated in the hospital for an illness. Out patient means that the patient is treated in the ER or doctors office for an illness.

The meanings change under the Two Midnight Rule. This rule is to clarify which patients are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital by requesting doctors to certify they have good reason to expect patients need two nights in the hospital. Only then will Medicare pay patient hospital rates for care. This applies for surgical procedures, diagnostic tests and other and in addition to services designated as in patient only procedures in acute care in patient hospital facilities. This starts when the beneficiary begins receiving hospital services. In general less than the two midnight rule must be billed under Medicare B. That is where the addition costs come in.

The good news is that April 1st BH Obama signed into law Doc Fix which delays until 2015 the TwoMidnight Rule. Citizens have one year to make their voices heard if they do not like the law.

Buying and owning an Insurance policy is not enough. You as the consumer must take the time to set down and read the policy. Know what you have and know what your rights are under the policy.