Sept. 13, 1911: Mrs. Annie Sprague, wife of Ithamar Sprague, died at Mesquite Thursday and was buried here (Bunkerville) on Friday. Mrs. Sprague was out to a festival the Friday before and took part in the general handshake and was at her sisters and took dinner Monday previous to her death. A host of friends and relatives attended the funeral Mrs. Sprague was a faithful wife and a kind a loving mother, she was greatly beloved and respected by all those who knew her.

Sept. 14, 1911: A goodly number of our towns people went to Moapa to attend the circus.

Sept. 16, 1910: The farmers were glad to see the rain come Tuesday night, although Wednesday it rained so hard in the hills south east of town that it brought floods down the washes, filling up our water ditch in places with mud and gravel. The men and boys have been out today with their teams and scrapers and shovels, clearing it out. Water will soon be in the ditch again.

Sept. 17, 1908, Bunkerville: When S.W. Darling received word through the mails a week ago that he had fallen heir to $20,000 from his father’s estate, he decided to take a trip to the Pacific Coast and took Thomas Leavitt Sr with him paying all the laters expenses.

The stork has been extremely busy this week, on the 15th a boy came to Herbert Waite’s and a girl to James Abbott’s and on the 16th a 13-pound boy arrived at Albert Hafens.

Sept. 17, 1910: Albert Wittwer was appointed road inspector for Bunkerville and Frank Leavitt for Mesquite road districts.