The Concert on the Grass will be held on Wednesday April 30th at 6pm in front of Mesquite City Hall sponsored by Mesquite Arts Council and the City of Mesquite.

The winners of this year’s Mesquite Has Talent will be announced and they will perform as well as last year’s winners will display their talents.

The finalists this year are: Jaelin Worthen, singer; Jacob Bracken, pianist; Ally Wright, singer; Eleana Bennett, singer; Kirsten Williams, singer; John Norwig and Marsha Swider, dancers.

Also performing are last year’s winners: Carl Prowse, singer; Jim Boatright, singer; and the Gorman girls, dancers.

Displaying their talents as well will be “Doc” Nielsen former winner; Blair Adams and Claudia Nichols, judge and 2012 Ms Senior Mesquite.

Also invited to attend is the reigning Ms Sr. Mesquite and her Court.

The other 2 judges were Blake Syndergaard and Mitzi Binder.

The mistress of ceremonies for this year will be Sandi Sorensen.

The public is invited to attend this free annual concert. Bring lawn chairs and blankets if you wish. Some chairs will be provided by the city.