lisa 1.3.14_10To wear… or not to wear; pajamas in public have become the “norm” for many when shopping, cruising or even going to a restaurant… so what happened to wearing clothes? It’s a controversy that people like to avoid when asked the question, especially if they are the ones wearing pajamas. So admit it… you may have worn your pajamas out a time or two… no? To be perfectly honest here, I don’t believe I’ve ever worn my pajamas out in public, but comfy clothes are definitely on the radar.

Why do so many people wear pajamas in public? Believe it or not there may be a couple of answers to this question. First of all, it is common for many Americans to overeat, and while doing so, comfort is an important factor while enjoying food. No one likes to be uncomfortable while eating. Once you are caught up in this act, it seems to become a spiral affect in our daily lives, and it isn’t pretty. It seems to be a trend that happened just about everywhere; including a few celebrities that got caught up in the act while walking their dogs and whatnot. It’s interesting… that while much of the public dresses down (even on their jobs today), the trend of “real” fashion has taken a backseat. Personally, I’ve always been a person to enjoy dressing up… Hence, one of the reasons I totally enjoy ship cruising, as it gives me an opportunity to dress in an evening gown. However, many of Americans do not enjoy dressing to the nines, so-to-speak.

I have researched a few opinions online regarding pajama wearing, and I must tell you… Most people do not approve. There are proper places to wear your pajamas; such as sleepovers at a friend’s house, your own home, and hospitals. Places that are public, such as stores, schools, and churches, not to mention movie theaters as well, are on the radar for pajama wearers, and they shouldn’t be. Can we please wear clothes!? Remembering a time when I grew up, it was all about being comfortable in jeans, so what the heck happened to that idea? Oh yeah, now you can purchase pajama bottoms that look like jeans… “Hello, what kind of society have we become?” Apparently… a lazy one; I read an article where the girl opted to work from home, just so she could wear pajamas all day…“Really?! I am in disbelief sometimes.”

In 2012 there was a lawmaker (in another state), who wanted a ban on pajama wearing, as he saw a group of young men in a local Walmart wearing pajamas and became disgusted; needless to say it didn’t work. But what did happen is, it angered a man… who then stated as an American he could do or wear whatever he wanted… when he wanted… just because he pays bills. Again, I say “Really!? Are you all there?”  If pajama wearing is totally acceptable in public, what happens next? Underwear… “I’m just saying.” As for me, I see it as laziness. No pride on how we look, or feel… is apparent here. Imagine if we made a day of celebration for “Dress up Day” once a year… I don’t know, there are so many celebration days on the yearly calendar, why not? I for one would welcome it, and my guess is we would be having many more Americans feeling good about themselves; and who wouldn’t really like that… it would bring a “positive” change… even if it is just for one day.

Make your week count.