Saturday, April 26, the chamber of commerce along with Mayor Wier met at 49 E. Old Mill Road (across from the recreation center) to have an official ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new BMX track.

Several Months ago Ethan Richards and a group of his friends approached the Wier about building a track. The mayor was able to work with council, staff and the boys to find a location and have the track built at minimal cost to the city. Ethan and friends worked with Mark Branlage of the public works department on the design and building of the track.

According to Aaron Baker, the city liaison officer, the track is in a great location as it is accessible from the trail system, so kids from all over town can get to the BMX track. Some kids are already stopping by after school for a few quick rounds before heading home. Baker said he is looking forward to taking two of his kids, ages 7 and 9, to the track.