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The General Store held its semi-annual art and flea market last Friday and Saturday.

What made this one exceptional was it was the last sale. The General Store, 220 E. Mesquite Blvd., is closing May 31.

There were many local vendors hawking their wares. Newcomers to the scene were Steve and Nancy Giles, natives of Toronto, Canada, who moved to Mesquite in 2006 after falling in love with the area. Steve is a retired auto mechanic who started making hand dyed silk scarves four years ago and just recently started to put together pieces of wood, rock, and plants into unique sculptures and wall hangings.

Not so new to the scene were veteran artisans Terrie McArthur and Katherine Cole, who have been plying their respective arts for longer than 30 years. McArthur  is an interior designer who takes her scraps of fabric and other materials to create beads and statues plus wall hangings.

Cole is a first rate jewelry maker and teacher of fine jewelry.

Also present was work done by realtor Don Madam who became blind in 2010 due to macular degeneration. As a retired Machinist mate 1stclass in the Navy Madam was able to go to the Veterans Hospital in Arizona where he was trained to do woodturning work. Using these new skills he makes all kinds of things from perfect seal bottle stoppers to lamps and bowls.