Yearly business permits top one thousand mark in Mesquite


Every category of the City of Mesquite Building Department’s report of permits issued in December 2015 showed increases from the same period a year except for two. That continues the trend seen all year reflecting a growing residential and business building industry.

Only two permits were issued for new businesses last month versus seven in December 2014. The number of permits for block walls also declined year-to-year falling to three valued at $4,756 compared to six a year ago worth $18,349. Block wall permits are usually an indication of future new home construction.

Twenty permits for new single family residences were issued in December 2015 with a valuation of $3.860 million. That compares to a year ago when 16 permits were taken out by construction companies for a value of $2.780 million.

Of those 20 permits, Pulte Del Webb took 13 of them for new home construction in Sun City Mesquite. That’s almost triple the number the builder took out just the month before in November 2015 when it received five permits.

NRC home builder took out three permits in December while Warmington Residential Nevada and Construction West received two new single family residence permits.

Residential modifications also saw an increase year-to-year with 17 permits last month versus 10 the year before.

Even though the number of permits for commercial modifications fell from two in December 2014 to only one last month, the valuation increased significantly to $53,460 from $16,200. Sun Country awnings took the permit for work at the Mesquite Police Department headquarters building.

Permits for swimming pools jumped to six worth $109,324 and miscellaneous signs and repairs permits more than doubled in value to $103,704 compared to $28,127 and $57,490, respectively, from a year ago.

Overall, the number of permits issued in December 2015 totaled 114 with a value of $4.372 million versus 89 permits issued in December 2014 with a valuation of $2.959 million.

Building permits issued for the entire year hit 1,076 valued at $45.697 million. The total number issued in all of 2014 equaled 869 with a valuation of $38.059 million.

While only 10 more permits were issued for single family residences in 2015 (206) than in 2014 (196), they were valued at $40.564 million compared to $34.323 million.

Permits for commercial buildings topped out at 13 for the year valued at $1.712 million with one permit for a new covered storage business located at 300 W. Hafen Lane. accounting for $1.312 million of that.