Sunshine Academy Summer School

The City of Mesquite Leisure Services Department is offering a new program for the summer months for those students that want to stay active in learning. The program starts June 20, 2022, for the Sunshine Academy pre-school classes for 3 to 4 -year-olds by The Leisure Services Department. Any new students looking to participate please speak with Janeece Noel, Sunshine Academy Lead Instructor for enrollment, 702-346-8732 ext. 4013 or    

“Our program is designed to meet the needs and wants of both participants and parents. Activities are supervised, organized, diversified, and safe.” said Janeece Noel, Recreation & Parks Department Lead Instructor”. “We know that we are helping to shape future leaders, teachers, mothers, and fathers and we take pride in the quality of our program. We incorporate fun, education, exploration, social interaction, and play. We believe that every child is important, and strive to include each and every child in our programs.” Noel added. This program is for all children in the valley and adjoining communities. (Maximum per class, 9 students must register soon)

There are a few items that all children participating in the Sunshine Academy program will need a copy of their birth certificate, current/up to date immunizations records, and physical from their physician, must be potty-trained and the appropriate age to participate in the academy program. Parents just an advisement you must register in person for this program.