Verla Ahrens (left) and Rosie Daniele took home the bronze medal recently in the 90-and-up division of bocce ball at the Mesquite Senior Games. Beth Caplinger photo

By Kirk Kern

If you’re putting together an advertisement of that illustrates what the Mesquite Senior Games is all about, it would have to include Verla Ahrens and Rosie Daniele.

Ahrens us 98 years old and Daniele is 94. The two recently won a bronze medal in bocce ball competition.

“We say it’s the gay 90s,” Ahrens said.

And even though they earned third place and the bronze medal, its was the social aspect and fun factor that was most important to both of them.

Daniele hasn’t really played a lot of bocce ball, having only watched her father play when she was young.

“It was kind of fun,” she said. “In the olden days, they didn’t have anything like they do today. I thought I would just go ahead and play. Have fun.”

Ahrens played regularly in Illinois before moving to Mesquite two years ago. But she hasn’t played since then.

“It’s just a good game,” Ahrens said. “I like to play.”

The two only had a day of practice on the Sun City courts before it was time to compete.

“And then we were on our own,” Daniele said. “But it was fun. For me, it was a one-time thing though.”

Ahrens said everyone involved was very nice and she was impressed with her teammate’s performance after not really playing before.

“She did very well,” Ahrens said. “It worked out great.”

Even with their success, the pair won’t be back at it next year as Daniele has since moved to California.