Musician of the Week – Erin Ofori

Erin Ofori, a senior at Virgin Valley High School, currently plays in the Virgin Valley High Advanced Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band  and Percussion Ensemble. She plays the snare drum in pep and marching band, the snare and marimba in advanced band, and the trap set in Jazz band. 

She first became interested in music in elementary school with the help of her music teacher, Miss Bennett, who introduced her to mallet instruments. That is when she fell in love with music. She started playing the clarinet in sixth grade at Charles Hughes Middle School, and also joined the percussion group playing the cymbals that year. She joined the jazz band in seventh grade playing percussion. In ninth grade she joined the marching and pep band while continuing to play in concert, jazz and percussion ensembles.  

“ I listen to music every single day,” Erin said. “ I think a day without music is like a day without sunlight. I need it to survive.

Erin Ofori ( Photo Credit: Erin Ofori)