By Abbey Snow

Mesquite Rotary Clubs Making a Difference

Mesquite has two rotary clubs, the Mesquite and Sunrise Rotary Clubs, with passionate people from various backgrounds that have been giving back to the community of Mesquite for many years.  

Deb Parsley is the current president of the Mesquite NV Sunrise Rotary Club which was founded in 1997. She joined Mesquite Sunrise Rotary in 2014 and became President in 2017. The position of president only runs for one year (July 1st – June 30th). She has held the position of president for four different terms: 2017-2018; 2018-2019; 2020-2021; and currently July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022. Richard Gutierrez will be the next president starting July 1,2022.

Linda Gault is the current president of the Mesquite Rotary Club ( sometimes referred to as ‘Noon Rotary’) which was founded in 2007. 

“My understanding is that some members of the original Sunrise Club wished to start an additional club that would meet at noon, so District 5300 (Southern Nevada) was willing to charter a new club,” Gault said.

Gault  has been president of Mesquite Rotary since June 30, 2021. She was also president during the 2014 – 2015 term. Before moving to Mesquite, she was president of the rotary club in Laramie, Wyoming during the year 2007 – 2008. On July 1, 2022 she will officially leave her current position as president of Mesquite Rotary and pass the gavel on to Roy Stephenson, the president-elect.

“ One of the big reasons we have two clubs is to appeal to a lot of people with different schedules,” Parsley said. “ Our club at 7:30 a.m. caters to people such as retirees that get up early in the morning as well as those who work early. Coming in at 7:30 a.m. for meetings and being done at 8:30 a.m. gives everyone the opportunity to continue on with the rest of their day. For me as a realtor and business owner, I have a harder time making it to the noon meeting.”     

Gault said that the original ‘Rotary’ began in Chicago in 1905 by Paul P. Harris and a group of like-minded businessmen interested in giving back to their community in some capacity. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self.”  From that beginning, Rotary International has grown to a worldwide service organization. Individual clubs focus on ways they can serve their communities, but also look at opportunities for helping on an international level.  

“We just finished a request from Rotary International (RI) with a Ukraine Relief Fund drive to help the Ukrainian people who have lost everything and are displaced in numerous countries,” Gault said “Our club donated $2,000 to the RI Ukraine Relief Fund for this purpose. Our clubs support local organizations and find ways to improve the Mesquite community and surrounding areas. Some examples would be: the benches placed along the walking trail from Old Mill to Mesquite Blvd; assisting the City with the batting cages and shade trees by Old Mill Park; and the Adopt-a-Highway going to Bunkerville to name a few.”

Parsley mentioned some past successful events with their club have been with the recently held  ‘Mesquite Reads’ where they raised about $1000.They sponsor an Interact club at Virgin Valley High School that includes about 22 students. They also hold a golf tournament where the money from that event goes to scholarships, or ShelterBox, 20% to Mesquite Reads, and sponsorship of the Virgin Valley Little League. Their club also donated $1000 to help aid those in Ukraine affected by the war. 

“Our club sponsors an Interact Club at Beaver Dam High School,” Gault said. “Interact is a high school-level Rotary Club designed to teach our youth the value of community service and helping others.  All BDHS students are welcome to join.  We just finished helping them paint their school logo (a snake head) up the driveway leading to the school.  Rotary has also purchased and installed shade structures at the school.  We also invite the students to be a part of our activities and events.”

Both the Mesquite and Sunrise Rotary Clubs will be holding a ‘Fireside Chat’ event on May 25, 2022 at 5:30 p.m at 225 N Willow Street #23, Mesquite,NV. 

“We are inviting people to come see what Rotary is all about and if it’s something that they may want to get involved with,” Parsley said. “We host Fireside Chats typically to induct new members but wanted to put this out there about both Rotary clubs for the public to attend.” 

Gault said the Fireside Chat will be an opportunity for both the Mesquite Rotary and Sunrise Rotary Clubs to visit with people and tell their stories. They will be able to answer questions and get to know each other, while encouraging volunteerism through Rotary.

Parsley said anyone can join the rotary clubs in Mesquite.  However, they do require commitment from those who join to help in events, fundraisers, and activities in the club.   The yearly fee for the Sunrise Rotary Club is $360 per year ($30 a month).  

“ We also hold fundraisers as most of the money we have goes towards Mesquite Reads, Scholarships for High School Interact Students, as well as scholarships for our local college kids,” Parsley said. “ We also send kids in middle school and high school to Leadership Camps.”    

Gault said club membership is open to anyone interested in volunteering their time and supporting their efforts. Individuals are invited to attend a meeting, meet other members, and hear about current activities. If a person is interested in joining, they ask that they attend three meetings and express an interest before the other club members vote them in. The yearly fee for the Mesquite Rotary Club is $360 per year ($30 a month).

“For me, something tugs at my heart strings to give back,” Parsley said. “Whenever I  travel out of town, I try to attend a Rotary meeting in that area.”   

The Mesquite Rotary Club meets on Tuesdays at noon at the Mesquite Library. The Sunrise Rotary Club meets on Thursdays at 7:30 am at the College of Southern Nevada Mesquite room 1. 

For more information about either rotary contact:  

Sunrise Rotary Club – Deb Parsley at or 702-420-4494. Mesquite Rotary Club – Linda Gault at or 307-760-9544.

The following photos are of Rotary clubs supporting various activities in Mesquite ( Photo Credit: Deb Parsley)



The following photos are of Rotary clubs supporting various activities in Mesquite ( Photo Credit: Linda Gault)












‘We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.’

(Rotary International mission statement)