Well Tom Durenberger hopefully can say that there may be a little light in the “dark place” he has been in

for three months.  Tuesday at Falcon Ridge he had three birdies including the number one handicap hole 13 on his way to an 84.  Most readers may say 84 with three birdies is not great but they don’t know how dark this place has been.  Anyway his net 70 was one shot better than Bill Irace’s 82 and net 71.  Irace’s net 71 tied Jeff Hoyt (82) and net 71 but Irace went par double bogey and Hoyt shot par triple bogey for third.  Ed Hoepfner (85) was also tied with Irace and Hoyt but his bogey on 13 dropped him to 4th immediately.  Joe Smith (83) and Pat Smitty (87) tied for fifth with net 72’s.  Smith won fifth going par, bogey and Smitty scored par, quad.  Tim Miller (82) swept up the last spot with a net 73 Andrew Yeh, with no competition, recorded seven fours on both sides for his medalist honor of 76. Welcome new members Richard Jackson, Gene Scavetta and Farish Thompson

Here are the results of the Jack Benny Memorial Golf Tournament held 17 Dec.

1st Place – Dave Jordan (+9)

2nd Place – Ben Bishop (+6)

3rd Place – Joel Reilly (+5)

4th Place – Aaron Kennard (+4)

5th Place – Sterling Johnson (+2)

6th Place – Tim Bergstrom (+2)

7th Place – Manny Lira (+1)

8th Place – Andrew Yeh (0)

9th Place – Russ Clark (0)

10th Place – Greg Smith (-1)

11th Place – Dan Hoffman (-1)

The next scheduled play is Tuesday, Dec 29th at 9:00 at Falcon Ridge and Thursday Dec 31st at 8:00 with lunch at Conestoga. Always check your sig up sheets for any corrected times or places.  Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 702-346-5636.  Also check out our website at www.mesquitemensgolf .com.