Athlete of the Week – Cameron Perkins

Cameron Perkins, a senior at Virgin Valley High School, has been participating in baseball his whole life. 

“I enjoy baseball because I’ve grown up playing it my whole life,” Cameron said  “Throughout the years I’ve realized how much of a positive mental impact it has had on me and the mental side of sports is something I want to further my education in. Baseball is a hard game and it requires you to be mentally tough, even the best professional hitters fail two out of the three times they go to bat.”

In academics, Cameron currently holds a 3.5 GPA unweighted and a 4.1 GPA weighted. He also ranks 39 out of 196 in his class.  

“Cameron is exactly the kind of kid you want on your team,” Virgin Valley High Coach, Dan Wright said. “He is a hard worker, very coachable, and a team player that puts the goals of the team above his own personal goals. I believe Cameron will be successful in life beyond baseball and high school because of the person that he is and the way he conducts himself with integrity on and off the field; and most importantly the way he treats others with kindness and respect. Cameron is off to a great start this year on the baseball field and I’m looking forward to his senior leadership to help carry our team to a successful season in 2022.”


Cameron Perkins playing baseball