Musician of the Week – Emily Walsh

Emily Walsh, a senior at Virgin Valley High School, currently plays various instruments in the VVHS Advanced Band(clarinet, snare drum, percussion instruments), Intermediate Band(percussion instruments), Percussion Ensemble(snare drum), and Jazz Band(trumpet). Outside of school she plays the piano, ukulele, and sings.

Emily has been interested in music ever since she was a baby. In elementary school she was introduced to plastic recorders and ever since has been obsessed with learning new instruments and playing in ensembles. She has been in band programs since 6th grade as well as in orchestra in middle school playing the cello. She plans on composing music of her own when she graduates. Recent awards her ensembles have received are: tying for first place in their division in marching band this year and the marching  band also broke their personal high score a couple years ago. As a child she was involved in community service in girl scouts and fundraisers for school programs. She was also in a lot of plays and musicals and recently held one of the main roles in the school musical last year. 

“Music has always helped clear my mind and ground me,” Emily said. “ I couldn’t live without music.”

Emily Walsh poses with her drumsticks at Virgin Valley High School (Photo Credit: Emily Walsh)