By Amy Bradshaw

With the kickoff of the 2022 Mesquite Senior Games, it’s a good time to reflect upon the man who was such a big part of making MSG what it is today: Herb Calhoun, who passed away Nov. 18.

Herb and his wife Maggie retired to Mesquite in 2010, although it could hardly be called “retirement” because Herb was never idle for one moment. 

Shortly after moving here, he started volunteering for the professional long drive groups that came to town. In fact, he volunteered at every single long drive competition Mesquite ever had up until 2021. He was instrumental in organizing our MSG Long Drive competition, and was a fierce competitor himself.    

And then there was softball.

I’m not sure which he loved more: golf or playing ball.  I’m not sure he even knew, both sports were near and dear to his heart. He helped start the Virgin Valley Little League, served on its board, and umpired game after game after game.   

Loving to play the game himself, he served as the commissioner of the senior softball team, Mesquite Geezers for years. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you’d find him at Hunter Park playing ball with his fellow Geezers. 

When he wasn’t on the field competing in the MSG softball tournaments, Herb was in the concession volunteering his time to keep all the teams fed and happy. 

He wanted to make sure everybody in town had plenty to eat, so he also volunteered his time delivering both Meals on Wheels and Delivery With Dignity.

Herb also volunteered every year when the hot air balloon came to town and he never missed a parade where he organized all his veteran friends to participate. 

If there was a volunteer opportunity, Herb was on it and it was clear from the big smile he always sported that he was having the time of his life contributing all he could to our town, right to the very end.

Herb loved Mesquite Senior Games and joined our board in 2016. He worked passionately and tirelessly volunteering countless hours to support the organization.  He said the No. 1 rule for our Games was that everyone has to “have fun.” 

That remains our goal and always will. My friend and mentor, Herb Calhoun, leaves a solid foundation that helped make Mesquite Senior Games what it is today and we will never forget him, along with his sense of humor and love of life that showed through his smile and personality. 

In his own words:

“Mesquite Senior Games gives everyone the opportunity to participate in their chosen sport with others their same age. I have been active in several events for the past ten years and can truthfully say that, regardless of your ability, you can have fun and find new friends. Never in my wildest dreams did I see me playing softball, participating in the long drive, and running the 50 & 100 in track at the fun age of 77.  Join us for friendship & fun.”

—Herb Calhoun,  August 2019