By Kirk Kern/Mesquite Monthly

In 2022, the Mesquite Senior Games  will implement a new system of keeping the volunteer staff organized.

Volunteer organizer Beth Caplinger said Mesquite Senior Games received a grant from Nevada Volunteers to purchase new software that will help the volunteers register to help with events and track their hours.’

The grant process was very competitive, Caplinger said, with $152,000 available ad 24 groups asking for about $409,000. Caplinger said Mesquite Senior Games asked for about $12,000 and received the full amount.

“With the new software, we can track info on hours that right now is tracked with an excel spreadsheet,” Caplinger said. “And before that, it was done on a legal pad.”

Caplinger said Mesquite Senior Games was awarded the grant on Dec. 15 and it goes into effect on Jan. 1. It was the second such “mini grant” provided to Mesquite Senior Games by Nevada Volunteers.

Amy Bradshaw, executive director of Mesquite Senior Games said the organization received a small grant in 2021 the was used to purchase clothing that designated the volunteers from the participants and spectators.

Bradshaw said the money from the 2022 grant will allow the organization to purchase volunteer management software along with computer equipment.

The grant will also help Mesquite Senior Games keep track of those who volunteer their time. Caplinger said the organization has about 90 names in their database, but some of those are duplicate entries and others that have moved out of the area.

Caplinger said about half of those listed on the database are active volunteers.

“We’re hoping with this, it will get more people interested,” Caplinger said. “We have a good group, but we’re still actively recruiting volunteers. Some of our bigger events take a lot of help.”