By Kirk Kern/Mesquite Monthly

Diane Minor moved to Mesquite with her husband and mother in April of 2020 … two days before pretty much everything shut down due to COVID-19.

“We really didn’t know anything about Mesquite at the time,” she said. “The timing wasn’t great.”

Diane Minor is a Mesquite Senior Games volunteer. (submitted photo)

But they decided to make the best of the situation, taking the time of near solitude to get their house in order after the move and get settled in.

When things started to open up, so did the Minors. And the avenue for the opening was the Mesquite Senior Games.

They hadn’t competed in any actual events Oct. 28, but have made their presence felt through volunteering. Diane signed up Jim to do the announcing at a golf event. She decided to help as well.

She spent a lot of time organizing employee events while working as contract administrator for a construction company in Washington, so she had some experience in the logistical aspect of putting on events.

She also does graphic design and crafting, so Mesquite Senior Games Executive Director Amy Bradshaw put her to work in all these capacities.

“I helped with registration, the concession stand, graphic design, tags and bags,” she said. “I flipped burgers when I need to. They need to get more people involved. They’re doing some different things to get more volunteers there.”

Minor says she’s primarily a shy person and that volunteering for the Mesquite Senior Games has helped get her out of her shell, especially in a new town. When she moved here, she “knew” exactly one person and only through email conversations. It was the person who was buying the home next door to hers in Sun City.

“She had moved in three weeks earlier,” Minor said. “The awesome thing was the we clicked pretty early.”

They initially discovered Mesquite in March of 2019 after Jim had competed in a World Poker Tour event in Las Vegas. They drove through Mesquite, stopped off at the Eureka Resort and ended up staying for three days. That visit made a lasting impression as they came back during the Thanksgiving holiday and started looking for homes.

On Oct. 28, they actually competed in the poker event at the Senior Games. Diane says she’s she and her husband may participate in bocce ball and corn hole in the spring as well.

“Every one of our volunteers is key to the success of our mission to keep our seniors active and healthy,” Bradshaw said.