When the pandemic hit in 2020, the owners of Mesquite Local News shuttered the print edition of the paper. Because of this, content has only sporadically been posted on this website.

That’s about to change.

Battle Born Media, owners of this site, have contracted with the former publisher of the print edition, Kirk Kern, to resume daily news posts in the near future. Kern is the owner and publisher of the Mesquite Monthly newspaper, which he launched in August of 2020.

The site will also resume it’s daily email newsletter informing subscribers of the day’s new postings as well. If you’re not currently a subscriber to the newsletter, you should do so.

So get ready to be informed about the comings and goings in Mesquite. There will be daily police blotter entries, a calendar of daily events, and much more. We will offer free obituaries and classified ads (with the exception of employment ads) as well.