By Andrew Bird

It is that time of the year again to review your current health coverage for Medicare and make sure you are still in the right plan for you.

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This is the time when you can switch to a Medicare Advantage plan, switch between Advantage plans, switch back to original Medicare, and change Drug plans.

The actual duration of the Annual Enrollment Period is just under two months and runs from Oct. 15th through Dec. 7th. To avoid any unforeseen delays, it is advised not to wait until the last minute to make any changes.

It is important to occasionally review your current health coverages to make sure they are still meeting all of your needs. Since the healthcare system is constantly changing, it is always good practice to stay informed on any recent changes or updates that may have an effect on you and your coverage.

There are going to be new carriers coming into Nevada and quite a few new and exciting plans that will be offered for the next plan year 2022! As an agent, I can help you sort through the complexities and confusion surrounding the Medicare market.

For more information or questions concerning your Medicare health coverage, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to go over all of your options to find the plan that is best tailored to you!

Andrew Bird, an agent of Financial Concepts Retirement Planning here in Mesquite, specializes in Medicare and Insurance services. Andrew Bird can be reached at 702-346-7025 or by email at