By Sherman Frederick

My superpower is the ability to irritate most everyone on both sides of any given issue. Allow me to demonstrate.

Joe Biden is well on his way to making Donald Trump look like a freakin’ genius.

In just over eight months Biden has presided over a $1 a gallon increase in gasoline at the pumps, been damn near incoherent on the alarming uptick in COVID-19 infections, silent on the steep rise in crime, mute on the honest-to-gawd crisis on the border, ineffective in healing the growing racial divide, a catalyst in spurring inflation, and brought the job market to the edge of a cliff.

Oh, and lest we forget, he broke the one American principle I thought no president would ever — ever — break — he left Americans behind enemy lines in a time of war.

Now, before you jerk your knee out of joint to call me a Trump sycophant, you should know that I opposed Trump both times he ran. I found his personal conduct — beginning to end — unworthy of the presidency. What he did on Jan. 6 was particularly awful.

While some of his policies were fine, the unvarnished truth is he needed to go and we needed to elect a real leader. We got Biden. Oops!

And thus ends the demonstration of my superpower. It’s a gift.


Season 11 of Vera is now out. If you like British mystery shows, check out Vera on BritBox. It doesn’t get much better. I binged seasons 1 through 10. Had to wait for season 11 to start. It does not disappoint, pet.


— I showed my Facebook page to my therapist. She now wants to talk to all of my friends.

— What did our grandparents do to kill boredom before the Internet? I asked my 12 aunts and uncles. They didn’t know either.

— If two vegans get into a fight, is it still a beef?

— I asked the beekeeper for a dozen bees. He gave me 13. I said, “Sir, you gave me an extra bee.” He said “That’s a freebie.”

— This picture made me smile.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of September. Time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks for reading. Until next week, be kind, laugh a little and always question authority.

Sherman Frederick is a longtime Nevada journalist and co-founder of Battle Born Media. You can reach him by email at, or by phone at 4702-525-2440.