Preen Your Pet Fundraiser  Raises Money for Local Animal Rescues 

Mesquite, NV – Thanks to the generous hearts of Greater Mesquite area citizens and the love many  have for their pets (alive or in memory), The Women’s History and Culture Center (WHCC) contest and  fundraiser was a big success. WHCC President Carol Saldivar, and Founder/Board Chair Jean Watkins,  presented donations to three organizations that work to improve the lives of animals in our community.  The contributions to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, We Care for Animals, and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter were presented at the recent Mesquite City Council Meeting 

Community members submitted applications for 33 dogs, 22 cats, and two donkeys to Preen Your Pet.  Friends and animal lovers voted in drop boxes at Danielle’s Chocolates & Popcorn, The Front Porch  Flowers & Gifts, and The UPS Store on Pioneer. Votes were $1.00 each. Many votes and a community  that cares made it possible for WHCC to distribute $1,015.66 to each of the three animal care  organizations for a total donation of $3,046.98. That’s a lot of votes!

Shown here: Joan Dunkle of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Joanne Migliozzo of Friends of  Mesquite Animal Shelter, and Karen Taylor of We Care for Animals accept donations. 

In a recent interview, WHCC President Carol Saldivar pointed out that “all of the photos were  remarkable and showed the love our community has for its furbabies. What a beautiful calendar they  will make!”

Shown here: Representatives of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, We Care for Animals, and  Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter receive Preen Your Pet donations from Carol Saldivar and  Jean Watkins. Bunny Wiseman and a furry friend from the Loyal Service Dog Program were on  hand to cheer this initiative. 




Photos of every pet entered into the contest will appear on the 2022  Preen Your Pet calendar. Animals that won the most votes will be  featured on a half-page spread of the calendar. Calendars will be available in October at the price of $10.00. If you have not already reserved your calendars, please email  




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