By Abbey Snow

Mesquite Christian Academy Announces New Head of School

The Mesquite Chrisitan Academy has appointed Dr. Christy Anne Vaughan and David Vaughan as the new co-heads of the school which starts on August 23, 2021. The Vaughans come to Mesquite from southwest Ohio with more than 10 years of experience in classical Christian education. 

Jeff Bird is the President/Chairman of the Board of Mesquite Christian Academy. He said the academy opened Sept. 5, 2018.  

The school was started to give parents an alternative to the public school system,” Bird said. “Mesquite Christian Academy is a Private, Classical Christian school. Classical teaching is a very powerful educational method based on how children naturally learn.”

The MCA is a K-12 school with small class sizes to make sure students get the personal attention they need. They have the ability for remote learning if necessary, but have every intention to meet in person because that is what the students need, Bird said.  

The Vaughans were recruited by Bird to serve at the MCA from the website of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (

“We came to Mesquite to serve at the Mesquite Christiain Academy,” David Vaughan said. “We still own a 22-acre farm in Ohio near our grandchildren and plan to visit during summer vacation.”

Bird feels the newly appointed heads will be a great addition to the school because of their many years of experience with start up schools, plus their connections all over the world that they have made through their own 501c3 organization.

The Vaughans said they are co-heads of the school because they work as a team. They have different complementary talents that support different areas of responsibility.

Christy Anne earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership through Liberty University; she has earned a master’s degree in Education (specializing in special education), and also earned a bachelor’s degree in English. She taught in public schools as well as Classical Christian, online and in brick-and-mortar classrooms for more than 10 years in more than four states.leadership to the David brings more than 20 years of experience in management and leadership to the team.

David’s love for Classical and Christian education began when his grandchildren invited him to Mars Hill Academy in Ohio for Grandparents Day in 2010. He and wife, Christy Anne, have devoted the past 11 years of their lives to the study and support of the “new old way” of instruction; training up a child “in the way he should go” Proverbs 22:6 — Classical Christian Education.Together, they have mentored teachers and school leaders in the U.S. as well as four developing countries.

“The Classical and Christian method puts educational decisions back in the hands of parents,” David Vaughan said. “Many teachers in the Classical Christian movement are parents and grandparents whose children are participating in these types of schools.” 

For students who are not enrolled at MCA full time, David Vaughan said they also accept Homeschool students on a part-time or a la carte course basis and on a case-by-case enrollment. They offer courses such as Latin and Logic not found in many other schools.

“If parents have ever thought about sending their children to a private school but either never followed through or didn’t think they could afford it, we encourage them to call MCA and explore the possibility,” Bird said. 

Mesquite Christian Academy’s first day of school for students is Monday August 23 at its new location 315 Calais Drive.

For more information, contact: 702-613-5863 or 863-599-0055 or visit