By Sherman Frederick/Battle Born Media

New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report last week finding that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. President Joe Biden urged Coumo to resign. He won’t resign because the really creepy ones never do.

But, there are two things we can deduce at this point: 1) Andrew Cuomo is, indeed, a total arse, worthy of shunning. 2) Cuomo will not be writing a book extolling the virtues of his “performance” in this chapter of his life.

There are literally hundreds of encounters cited in the AG’s report. But this one allegation against the governor kinda says it all for me. It’s the time he made a move on his state trooper bodyguard.

He and the 20-ish woman state trooper — for whom he specially asked that she be put on his personal protection detail — step into an elevator. He stood behind the armed state trooper and, according to reports, “placed his finger on the top of her neck and ran it down the center of her spine midway down her back.”

“Hey, you,” he whispered to the young trooper.

Yikes, how creepy is that? That’s not normal. It’s the kind of behavior that’s indicative of a powerful man with big problems. Where, exactly, it places Cuomo on the Sick-O-Meter, is too early to say. But in the pantheon of icky sexual predators, he’s creeping up into Bill Clinton territory.


When my wife and I were young and raising a family of five in Las Vegas, one of our go-to vacation spots was Ely for the White Pine County Fair and horse races. White Piners know that the fair is coming up again shortly, but for the rest of my Nevada readers you may want to mark Aug. 20-22 on your calendars.

It’s a beautiful event worth attending. The weather is usually good. In the old days, there used to be an old-fashioned drive-in movie, but I think that’s no longer a feature. Get to it if you can. They don’t make county fairs like this anymore.


The big GOP shindig at Corley Ranch in Gardnerville will take place this weekend. I plan to mosey on over (that’s ranch talk for “go”) and give a listen to two national figures who may run for president next time around — Sen. Tom Cotton and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The event is called the “6th Annual Basque Fry.” (No Basques will be harmed at the event, I am assured.) It’s a GOP fundraiser started by former Nevada Attorney General Adam P. Laxalt. The Laxalt name and Basque heritage are, as any self-respecting Nevadan knows, legendary in the Silver State.

I”ll give you a report next week.


—I asked my doctor how long this COVID thing was going to last. She said: “How should I know? I’m a doctor, not a politician.”

— Mom lies: The dog went to live on a big farm.

— In Nevada you drive for two hours and you are still in Nevada. In the UK, you drive for two hours and the local accent has changed twice and bread has a new name.

— Tips for a happy life: 1) Dance like nobody’s watching. 2) Email like it will one day be read aloud in court.

— The Ironwoman competition began today in California.

Hopefully, I’m not going to hell for that picture or anything else in this column. So, let’s call it a day and risk no further damnation. Mucho gracias for tuning in. Until next time, live free, exhibit kindness in all that you do, and always question authority.

(Sherman Frederick is a Hall of Fame journalist and co-founder of Battle Born Media.You can reach him by email at