Two Arrested for Possession of  Counterfeit Currency 

Mesquite, NV – On Friday morning July 31, a Mesquite police detective conducted a  traffic stop on a vehicle for multiple traffic violations. While speaking with the driver and  front passenger, the detective observed the female passenger attempt to conceal  something, and other indications of possible further criminal activity.  

A drug sniffing K9 who is highly trained and certified to smell for the scent of illegal  drugs was deployed and alerted to the scent of illegal drugs inside the vehicle. During a  search of the vehicle, detectives recovered methamphetamine, several items of drug  paraphernalia, and 58 counterfeit $100 bills.  

David Garcia, 32, of Downey, CA, was arrested and charged with felony possession of  counterfeit bills, felony possession of methamphetamine, and misdemeanor possession  of drug paraphernalia  

Ines Moro-Martinez, 37, of Downey, CA, was arrested and charged with felony  possession of counterfeit bills, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.  

Due to the felony charges, Cardiel-Villalobos was transported and booked into the Clark  County Detention Center in Las Vegas Nevada.  

Chief MaQuade Chesley stated “counterfeiters use their fake currency to deprive people  and our businesses of money and property. It has no place in our wonderful city, and I  commend the detectives for stopping these suspects before they could steal from hard working Mesquite residents.”