Courtesy Photo
Lt. John Woods in a training photo.

The Mesquite Police Department is saying goodbye to a long serving police officer this week. Lieutenant John Woods has officially retired as a police officer after more than 22 years of honorable service. Lt. Woods began his career with the Mesquite Police Department as an animal control officer back in May of 1998. He promoted into a police officer position in August of 2005 where he has spent the majority of his career in our investigations division as a Detective. In 2013, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and again promoted to a Lieutenant in March of 2018.

All of Lt. Woods’ fellow police officers and MPD staff would know he was in the office working when they would hear singing and humming throughout the building. We will miss his many hunting, fishing, camping, and dutch oven cooking stories. Lt. Woods was known for his mantra of always putting 110% effort into his work, which led him to be a great mentor to new officers and new detectives.

We asked Lt. Woods’ wife what his happiest time on the job was and she replied that it was when he would take a boy or girl to our annual Shop with a Cop event. He usually would be assigned a student from his wife’s 1st grade class and he would bring the student back to their classroom and gift the other students with candy canes and stickers.

Lt. Woods is a great police officer and is leaving a void within the Mesquite Police Department’s ranks. Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are pained we cannot give Lt. Woods a proper retirement send off. To honor his service, we filmed his final “sign off” with dispatch and presented him with a retirement plaque and badge.

Lt. Woods’ final sign off video and photos are attached to this press release for your reference.