Mesa View Regional Hospital and City of Mesquite COVID-19 Update:

Information from our local hospital the CDC, City of Mesquite and Southern Nevada Health District

Spread Facts not Germs – This post represents the most current information available at the time of publishing.


 Q: Is the hospital aware if there have been any confirmed cases of the COVID-19 identified in Mesquite?

Answer: As of March 18, 2020 at 10:00am, there have been ZERO confirmed cases in Mesquite.

 Q: Is testing available in Mesquite?

Answer: Yes –  Mesa View Regional Hospital has been provided a supply of testing kits. If there is a patient who meets the criteria for testing, the provider will order the test which is then sent out for processing.

Q: Are there very clear instructions on how they want the local public to deal with concerns about someone’s health?  Where to go? Where not to go?

Answer:  Anyone concerned should contact their provider for screening. They should call ahead so that their provider is aware of their circumstances. If they are short of breath with a fever, they can be seen in the Emergency Department.

Q: Will the hospital and the medical clinics remain open with the same hours?

Answer: Yes. The hospital is always open.

However, we are asking that visitors be limited to one per patient and please, not children during this time of uncertainty.

 Mesa View Medical Group’s locations are as follows:

The Main Clinic is open 8:00am to 5:00pm, at 1301 Bertha Howe Avenue Suite 1, Mesquite.

Quick Care in Mesquite is now open 12 hours Monday through Friday –  7:00am to 7:00pm.  Saturday –  9:00am to 2:00pm.  Sunday – closed. 450 Hillside Drive Building B #104, Mesquite.

Quick Care in Logandale is open Monday through Friday – 7:00am to 5:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday are closed. 1925 Whipple Ave. Suite 30 , Logandale, Nevada.

CDC UPDATE:   “Prepare, Don’t Panic”

As of March 17th:  (March 18 was pending):


Cases in the US – 4,226

Close Contact-245

Under Investigation 3,752

Nevada: 56 Confirmed cases

1 death

March 18, 2020 City of Mesquite Important COVID-19 News regarding the City of Mesquite and local services:

  1. The City of Mesquite Is Re- Emphasizing the Following Guidance:

Visits to City Hall should be limited to issues that are essential. While City Hall remains open, where ever possible please try to conduct your business by phone or electronically to limit the number of people in the building. This is for your protection and also to protect our city employees. Thank You!

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Provided by: Mesa View Regional Hospital