Federal health officials warn that the novel coronavirus (COVID- 19) will continue to spread in the U.S.

“While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not know at this time whether the spread or impact of coronavirus will be mild or severe, Mesa View Regional Hospital our
infectious disease specialists are trained and equipped to care for patients in the event the virus spreads to our community. Our team meets daily to ensure that all aspects our environment of
care from supplies to personnel are where they need to be,” stated Leslie Woodson, Chief Nursing Officer and highest ranking clinical leader for Mesa View Regional Hospital.
According to CDC as of March 3, the United States has reported 99 cases from 13 different states, 40 of them connected to the Diamond Princess – the cruise ship overwhelmed by the coronavirus
after it docked in Japan. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that globally as of March 5, there were a total of 2,055 cases of COVID-19 outside of China, from 33 different countries. The remaining 93,065 cases of coronavirus were within China.
“We are taking this very seriously as with any infectious communicable disease. We work closely with local and national organizations to ensure that our community has access to the most
accurate and up-to-date information available,” Woodson said.
Currently there is no vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus, so communities and individuals should follow the measures recommended by CDC for all other infectious diseases which are:
washing their hands regularly with water for 20 seconds; covering their mouths when they cough; staying home and away from others when they are sick.
More information is available by visiting: www. CDC.gov or visit: www.WHO.int