The appeal of Bernie Sanders seems to have grown as most of the democratic candidates have adopted many of his proposals and he has very energetic supporters. How can that be? We live in the richest country in the world and have unlimited opportunities to build wealth and power. Yet many people want to turn to a socialist type of government.

Yes, the burdens of freedom are heavy and the siren call of security is tempting. Life time of security, a guaranteed income whether you work or not, free college and cradle to death health care for free. But these benefits are the opposite of liberty and freedom. To reap these benefits, you must let the state control almost everything. Those that produce must give up much of what they earn to give to others. Still the argument has many, many takers.

What happened to the American spirit that won the west and provided a chance for all? But today many Americans choose the Bernie Sander’s world. The burden of making it in the world for yourself is to much for many who have become too soft. Maybe it was parents who were to easy and wanted their children to have it better than when they had it or maybe it was the “everyone gets a trophy” world. Whatever the cause the American spirit has been lost in those who choose that path.

When our country was young, government was small and struggling so everyone was on their own. If you needed medical care you went to local ‘Doc.’ And he tried to fix you up. You paid in work for him or maybe with a chicken. As our country grew, government remained small and pretty much everyone was on their own. However, once income tax was instated government began to grow and become much more powerful. This coupled with the senators being elected by popular vote allowed the central government to become a power house.

The great depression hit and big government began to take on many things. Then World War II where government had to take over even more to win the war and they did. However, we now had a very big government with lots of money coming in and nothing to do. So we decided to go to the moon which would require more big government expansion and then establish the ‘Great Society’ in which the government would provide a ‘Safety Net’ for all. This in a way, was the beginning of the end for the American Sprit. You no longer had to fend for yourself, the government was there to take care of you.

A big mistake was also made by many parents when they wanted a better life for their kids and they gave it to them unfortunately without requiring them to work for it. So it was easy as your parents took care of you in the early years and the government in the later years. Why work when some have so much of what you would like to have and socialism can take it away from them and give some of it to you? Why should some have all the money just because they were lucky? Sure they worked for it but you only need so much and there are lots of people who need more.

We can just take it from those that earned it and give it to those who don’t. Sure let them keep some of what they earned but more has to get to those that need it. Free college; “The History of European Art,” that class ought to get a good job or how about “Women’s Studies?” Surfing, hunting or just hanging around sure sounds good as a full time career. Or ls it let’s go hunting for the lost American spirit?