As our world continues to advance in technology, a variety of publications have gone from print to digital; written music, books, newspapers, magazines and more. In fact, some believed that written words would be a thing of the past, but there are still many that enjoy picking up a printed version of their favorite reads; including me. Newspapers and magazines had hit hard times in the past, so some gave digital publication a try; a few failed while newcomers succeeded. With stores limiting their magazine racks or forgoing it all-together, one could not always find what they were searching for, but may find it at a Barnes & Nobles or someplace similar, including your local library.

During my recent visit to a library, I found a few older magazines, which were for sale and newer publications on their shelf for readers. Magazines are enjoyable and often have great information in them; however, with advertisements on nearly every page, it leaves fewer articles for the reader. If one doesn’t mind older magazines, they’re definitely fewer ads to deal with, not to mention interesting. I came across a magazine called ‘Shift’, which I had never seen before. It originated in Canada and is no longer published; though it tried digitally and failed. I purchased an issue from 2008, and is from the Institute of Noetic Sciences; which is extremely interesting. This particular copy is called “Death: Window to the Infinite.” It talks about near death experiences, what death tells us about life and much more. This struck a chord for me because at my church the name of their current study is called ‘Shift Happens.’ Ironic…probably not; I was drawn to it, but I’ll leave this subject for next week.

There’s a complete list of defunct American magazines online one can browse at… . The titles are in alphabetical order and dated with the length of its publication; I had no idea there were so many. Also, I found a site that lets you look up old magazines by titles or specific categories for purchase at , but I would give your library a try first. Last year, in 2019, the Bride Magazine ended their publication, along with Glamour and Redbook. Speculations by some believe that many more will follow suit; though I hope not.

For what it’s worth…we need to encourage our children, grandchildren and all people to read; it’s a vital skill for imagination, creativity and the development of listening skills. Reading helps us all to keep our minds active, not to mention improving our vocabulary and thinking skills. I love to learn new things, and besides…knowledge is power.


Make your week count.