Over the last decade, shopping has evolved as we know; brick and mortar stores going out of business, while giants like Amazon take over. At first, I couldn’t imagine ordering items online such as personal items like toiletries or any kind of household furnishings, but as time progressed…shopping in local stores seemed to be more challenging than years past, with smaller selections of goods and steeper prices. In fact, many of the stores are no longer around, including, but not limited to…grocers as well as department stores, but finding just about anything online can be done with ease, not to mention price matching. This past holiday I watched an Amazon Prime truck come multiple times through the neighborhood, every single day. Almost everyone I know shops online, and there’s no sign of slowing down for companies like Amazon; the future is here…online.

For those of you shopping on a budget don’t worry because there’s no shortage of second hand items for the online shopper. Places such as www.thredup.com , www.swap.com , and www.poshmark.com are reputable and will even sell your unwanted items (clothing, etc.) in accordance with terms noted on their site. However, for those that just want to shop and purchase, no problem…online shopping has expanded and will continue to grow, as there are specialty shops as well as boutiques one can find. If you’re looking to score some brand name items or luxury clothing, that won’t be an issue either; there’s www.therealreal.com and www.luxurygaragesale.com , but beware of some companies, as they should have an address along with a phone number for customer service. Currently, there are quite a few International companies out there, so shipping can come at a cost; be sure to check it out before you make the purchase.

One particular site that I was intrigued by was www.tradesy.com , and though I have never personally ordered from them, they look like an outstanding company; sharing their story and vision for the company, located in Santa Monica, Ca. I like what I read about them, including their shared values; solidarity, honesty, autonomy, integrity, results and excellence. I will definitely give them a try.

Regardless of how you choose to shop, one thing is for sure…Online shopping is less stressful than standing in line at a store where there’s a lack of employees and courtesy. The future is here and now; so happy shopping!

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