January 14, 1910 Bunkerville, NV:  Teachers’ examinations were conducted by Judge Thomas on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The papers have been forwarded to the superintendent of public instruction, who will award the coveted certificates.

January 16, 1912 Bunkerville, NV:  Most of the men folks are busy building wings or breakers along the fields next to the river to protect the land from the floods that come down the river.

January 10, 1912 Mesquite, NV:  We are having some very cold weather here this month.  The water is out of town on account of freezing weather.

January 15, 1914 Littlefield, AZ:  The work at the “Narrows” is progressing very rapidly.  Horses and machinery are being shipped in.  There is also talk of a railroad coming in the near future from St. Thomas, NV.

January 13, 1993:  City officials knew a recently approved industrial park would be a hot ticket for businesses looking to locate in the Virgin Valley. But they were ill-prepared for the bids that have flooded the office since the property was advertised. two short week ago.

January 15, 1994:  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the settlement of Mesquite, the city of Mesquite is planning an original musical production of “Miss Kate,” written by Mark Ogden. All roles will include singing.