Nine-year-old Angel Aceiteno has a bit of trouble with the roof construction on his gingerbread house but dad comes to the rescue and helps solve the issue during the “Kris Kringle’s Gift of Christmas” event held at the Women’s History and Culture Center on Dec. 21, 2019. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

On Dec. 21, Chris Finnegan, Lisa Fahey, The Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation and The Women’s History and Culture along with Kris Kringle gave several Mesquite children and their parents the “Gift of Christmas.”

It was the brainchild of Finnegan, who remembers fondly Christmases gone by and baking cookies with his grandmother. It was one of his fondest memories and what he loved to do most to celebrate the holidays.

This year, along with a host of friends, he made that childhood memory come back to life by living it vicariously through Mesquite children.

Chris Finnegan has definitely caught the Christmas spirit watching all of the kids enjoy “Kris Kringle’s Gift of Christmas” which was held at the Women’s History and Culture Center on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019. Photo by Teri Nehernz

Sponsors treated the kids to Cookie Crafting and Design offering both gingerbread house kits and premade sugar cookies to build and/or decorate. There were coloring books and ornaments to decorate for the artist in everyone along with face painting and storytelling; there was even a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

Because the Women’s Center has a fully functioning kitchen, children were excited to be able to make their own cookies from scratch and dove into that portion of the event with great enthusiasm and supervision. The recipe is one of Finnegan’s own. He spent many hours perfecting the recipe and kids were able to take home their very own homemade and home baked treats.

The event was free to everyone who cared to receive the “gift of Christmas” and those who did, had a wonderful time.

Be good this year kids, don’t get on the naughty list because Kris Kringle looks forward to visiting Mesquite again next Christmas and hopes to see many more children enjoying the Christmas spirit.