Dec. 21, 1908, Bunkerville: Fifty tons of ore from the Key West Mine have just been delivered at Moapa to be shipped east in order to be tested.

Dec. 16, 1912, Bunkerville: Mrs. Aggie Potter of Mesquite succumbed to a very severe attack of measles leaving a family of four children. This is the second death at Mesquite from measles.

Dec. 25, 1914, Las Vegas: The road from Jean, NV through to a point near Littlefield, AZ was inspected and found to be in fair condition. The river crossing on the Virgin between Bunkerville and Mesquite is the only real disadvantage to travel. The plan is to build a steel bridge there.

Dec. 22, 1917, Bunkerville: The Grammar School building at Bunkerville was entirely destroyed by fire Friday of last week.  The structure was built of stone and contained four rooms.  There was no insurance on the building.  Practically all the school property, including the books were destroyed.

Dec. 21, 1995: Mesquite Gets a Bus. The first city bus line will begin operation to transport passengers from Mesquite Heights Road, at the north end of Mesquite, wind around town, ending in Bunkerville at Second West, Second South in Bunkerville.