I went to the Mesquite Toes Dance Troupe’s annual benefit show last Saturday night at the Bowler Junior High School. Wait a minute, did I read that right? Hasn’t it always, for the last 14 years, been held in the Mesquite Community Theater? The theater was not in use that night and while the venue was ok, it sure wasn’t up to the quality of our local theater.

I am told the organization managing the community theater has raised the price above the amount needed to put on a community benefit show. After having to pay more to rent the theater, local non-profit organizations now must pay far for technical support. In the past, they have always been allowed to have qualified volunteers program and operate the spotlights, stage lights and sound. The volunteers they have used for the last five years are still willing and available. I wonder why they can’t help this year by volunteering their services.

It just seems to me, a show meant to give back to the community should be given some help so they can afford to put on the fundraiser that has in the past years given over $28,000 to community charities. ed over $28,000 for community charities.

Bunny Wiseman