The Democrats for their attack on our Republic. Over the last 3 years there have been nothing but attacks on our duly elected President and it is getting very old and disgusting. Charge after charge, seemingly put from nowhere and then discarded like a broken toy. Not one single charge has proven out but let’s not give up, keep throwing stuff and maybe something will stick.

Seemly good people elected to do the people’s business now acting like self-important overseers of the uneducated masses who need their guidance. It is obvious that the people who elected our president knew nothing about how to run a country.

Unfortunately, none of the people in “fly over country” have the intelligence to know how to vote, the forefathers were wrong, the little people should not vote. They need to be guided by the smart people in Washington. It is like an infection and “The Trump” needs to be stamped out, otherwise the masses might be in charge and our ride on the gravy train will be over.

Just because some of our kids get great jobs just out of school is no reason to get mad. Lots of our kids need a little help and 50, 60k a month starting is what they need to stay up with the insiders here in Washington. The living is expensive and after all just because we can influence some bills or policy should not prohibit our kids from getting a leg up.

The Constitution be dammed, the founders did not include what we need to stay in power. Luckily, we are so smart we can just create what to old white guys forgot. We, the chosen ones, can supply a new vision as long as we can stay in power. That of course is the objective, the change of the culture is what we want. We need to fundamentally transform what was, into what we think it should be.

Some of those “fly over” people just want America to be what it was like when people wanted jobs not handouts. The thought working for something was honorable, they didn’t take handouts unless they were desperate and then they wanted to pay it back. How stupid! There are so many people in the world in need that we need to give up our country to help them. We have been working on that for sometime and we have been able to stop our country’s growth while sending money and jobs to others.

Some might say we have gone too far with people out of work and factories closing but this damn new President has reversed everything and we need to get rid of him as soon as possible before people get use to improved living and new jobs, he will ruin the whole thing if he is allowed to continue.

We Democrats need to work together before our brave new order falls apart. Americans have it way to good and need to give up a lot. So, help us get rid of this infection and his followers. It should be easy; they are not as smart as us and if we can dis-arm them there will be no resistance. Then we can progress to the promised land where almost all are equal and all share in the fruits of someone’s labor.

Some might say that isn’t the Democratic party that I remember. Those who think that way just need to be re-educated to our dream of the new world order. So, working together we can bring down our old form of government and set the world straight.