College of Southern Nevada – Mesquite Center is excited to offer ENG 101 – Composition I for Spring 2020 semester.  English 101 is designed to strengthen college-level writing skills, with particular attention to audience, purpose, and rhetorical situation, focusing on the writing process and introducing research. This course will be taught by LeAnn Campbell on Tuesday’s from 6:00pm to 8:50pm. If you are pursuing an Associate’s degree with CSN, you will be required to take a college level English course. You must take a placement exam and place into the course to be able to enroll. Placement tests are free of charge and may be taken at the CSN Mesquite center. Registration is now in progress, call our friendly staff at 702-346-2485 for questions or stop by the CSN Mesquite Campus at 140 N. Yucca St. for assistance with registration and placement testing.