On Nov. 6, the eight members of the Beaver Dam High School Photo Club to a field trip to Zion National Park. This is the third year that BDHS students who have an interest in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography have been able to make this trip.

Club advisor Greg Johnston began this tradition when BDHS was able to offer an actual photo class as part of the regular curriculum. When scheduling issues led to the cancellation of the class, students began to meet with Johnston on their own time to learn photo principles and work on projects.

This year, the trip was very different. With so little rain over the summer and fall, colors at Zion were muted. This forced students to really use their imaginations and “eye” to find interesting pictures.

The result were more “intimate” pictures-close ups and texture subjects.  They also took advantage of the portrait portion of the class instruction to do some outdoor portrait work.

Once back to BDHS, the club begun to learn digital editing techniques.  “the trick to effective digital editing,” states Johnston, “is apply only minor adjustments.  We don’t want the heavy, artificial editing you see in such places as Instagram”.

Students participating were Isaac Allen, Ivan Alvarado, Curtis Garlick, Sandra Beltran, Manny Medrano, Jimena Guitierrez, Zitlalis Gonzalez, and Vanessa Quevedo.

Photo by Zitlalis Gonzalez

Photo by Sandra Beltran

Photo by Manny Medrano

Photo by Isaac Allen

Photo by Curtis Garlick