The City of Mesquite Department of Athletics and Leisure Services has some exciting additions coming to the Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare Senior Fitness Benefit program. We are committed to improving and streamlining our fitness program offerings. Renew Active, which promotes greater health engagement and accountability by providing members with regular exercise (strength training, aerobics, flexibility) and social opportunities at more than 10,000 locations nationwide.

As of January 1, 2020, AARP Medicare Supplement members insured by UnitedHealthcare will become eligible for the Renew Active fitness benefit. In addition to the AARP Medicare Supplement members insured by UnitedHealthcare, Renew Active will continue to service certain policy plan holders of a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage.

  • As of 1/1/2020 and on, we will have the opportunity to service two Medicare populations with our Renew Active partnership:
    • Certain policy plan holders of a UnitedHealth care Medicare Advantage plan
    • AARP Medicare Supplement members insured by UnitedHealth care
  • As of 1/1/2020, confirmation codes will either begin with the “A” and be followed by 9 digits or “S”and followed by 9 digits. Both will qualify for Renew Active and the at-no cost standard membership.

As America continues to age, senior-focused health and vitality programs will become more and more essential to ensure that aging adults can continue to be vital, active members of our communities and our world. Renew Active is continuing to expand their standard-setting program’s reach with locations, features and benefits to better serve their members.

Nicholas Montoya, Director of Athletics & Leisure Services, notes “We have been working hand-in-hand with clients, members and other healthcare partners to create everyday opportunities for long-lasting health and vitality for many years but now we have another partner in the fight to live healthier, happier and longer”. “With the successful history of our Life Long Fitness Program and activities, we have designed the program to address the greatest health barriers older adults’ face today and the new challenges they’ll encounter tomorrow“.


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