Nov. 1914: Virgin Valley High School beats Overton. Winning the silver championship cup for a second time. (On display in the museum)

Nov. 17, 1900: Edward Bunker Sr. passed away in Mexico

Nov. 18, 1915: Mr. and Mrs. Youngs of Orange travelling in a Hudson, and Mr. and Mrs. Meechan of the same place travelling in a Buick, Passed through Vegas on their way home after a pleasant trip to Utah. They came by way of Tonopah, Goldfield. From Ely they came to Milford, St. George, Mesquite, Bunkerville, St Thomas and then on the All year route. They report that this is an attractive way route to travel but that the road was is very poor between St George and Bunkerville and through Utah.

Nov. 15,1917:  An Accident whereby Mrs. Mark Bleak of Logan, Nev, sustained a broken arm occurred last Saturday near Bunkerville. Mr., and Mrs. Bleak and their three children were returning home after visiting Washington Ut when their auto turned over. None of the others were hurt beyond a few bruises. The family returned to the city after Mrs Bleak’s arm had been treated. She is progressing nicely.

Nov. 19,1917, Littlefield AZ:  Mr. and Mrs. Iverson have been to Bunkerville for a visit.

Misses Ella and Zona Reber are in mesquite NV visiting family and friends.
Nov. 19, 1919: Zion National Monument changed to Zion National Park