Nov. 8, 1908: Ernest Reber captured a young mountain lion in Bull Valley recently. He with Samuel Stucki and George Staheli were out rounding up cattle when they came across the animal.

Nov. 8, 1913, Littlefield: The constructors have commenced work at the Narrows. They are making a road upon the mountainside where they intend hauling the machinery that is needed to make the dam.

Joseph H Reber has a new piano the first one in Littlefield.

Nov. 8, 1912, Bunkerville: Monday the schools and a goodly number of people went to Mesquite to attend the circus. Some of the young folks stayed over for a dance that night.

Several farmers have their grain sown.

Orange Leavitt is making molasses

Several of the children have a fever and cold but nothing serious.

Nov. 11, 1916: Work will commence again on the road. C.M. Petersonhas gone to Mesquite NV for powder (TNT) to work on the road.

Molasses making is over and the threshing is also finished here in Littlefield.

Robert Reber has gone to Bunkerville to make molasses for Harmon Tobler.

Everybody is getting flour from the new mill at Mesquite (Arizona Peacock co.)