There was a flurry of undercover activity in Mesquite on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and Thursday Oct. 31 beginning with all the costumed characters joining one another at the ShreekReeka for games and goodies.

ShreekReeka is a free community event sponsored each year by the Eureka Casino’s Community Initiative program run by Gerri Chasko. Every year the event draws thousands of children and their parents from Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip communities.

It was an eerily outstanding night for the kids as they crept in and about the various spooky booths set up by local businesses and non-profits at the annual event where creatures of all shapes, sizes and genetic make-up performed a variety of tricks at the booths to gain edible and non-edible treats.

Those who dared enter the haunted house, nearly 1000 potential victims, were met by Karen Fielding, witch extraordinaire, who had to make sure the number of those who entered and exited matched; you never know what will happen, they may have had to clean up a bit of incriminating evidence.