Most never thought they would see this in America, secret trials, prosecutor involved as judge and no defense allowed. How can this be? How can a President be such a bad guy that he is prosecuted on one charge or another since he took office? What is going on with our country?

Most Americans believe in a fair trial where each side presents the evidence and 12 fair minded citizens then vote, with all 12 needed to convict. Here we have a jury of democrats who said he is guilty of high crimes before any evidence is even presented. The other group sitting in the court room has no say. In this case only one side counts.

How can people who have sworn to support the constitution completely disregard our system of fair justice. When you hear them on the campaign trail all but a very few say that they believe in a fair trial yet when it comes to a vote, they vote no. No to an open hearing, no to a defense, no to a concurrence on the evidence and no fairness.

Hearings behind closed doors and they keep fishing hoping to find something, anything. It is hard to believe that all democrats condone this kind of treatment. Yet when the vote came up only two were brave enough to vote against this type of trial.

America has come to a decision point, the rule of law or mob rule. It is true the mob is big and loud. The Republican side is quiet like maybe they would just as soon lose. Some of them might just like the system of elite privilege. The case of Joe Biden is just a good example, where people in power use their influence to enrich themselves or their family. These elitists think they know better than the people and so they deserve the fruits of power.

Is this what the people wanted and voted for? The Russian charges were ridiculous and cost about 40 million dollars to prove they were ridiculous. Now we have secret trials where some of the testimony is leaked to hurt the accused. Testimony to support the President strangely doesn’t seemed to get leaked. The judge is the main accuser and he sets all the rules, is that the way we hold trials in America?

Maybe it is time to split the country, into those who want to oversee our lives and those who just want to be left alone. Three countries ought to do it. West Coast, Heart land and East Coast. Think about how nice that could be, the west coast could be Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii. The coast to about 75 miles inland. East Coast; New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and some others who want to go with the crowd. Any state could pick their group.

The country is just too big and too many people so let’s break it down to a manageable size. This could be an amiable divorce, the Soviet Union did it and it worked out fairly well. The armed forces might be the only problem, Navy could split with the coasts and get half each, each can have their own army and air force split three ways. The problem solved.